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Claiborne Animal Shelter, Tennessee  501c3

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We take in more than 300 animals per month. In a county with only 11,00+ households, that's a lot!  To save as many lives as possible, we work with several groups who binary option in india drive our dogs and some cats hundreds of miles up north to no-kill shelters, where they adopted into loving homes. The cost to us is $20 per dog, $20 per cat. Please consider a monthly donation to help us cover this cost.

Share shelter news with your family and friends to help spread the word that we are here and we need their help. Follow us on our Claiborne Animal Shelter Facebook page for up to the minute pictures, stories, and announcements. And don't forget to remind everyone that all DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

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Adopt?Give the gift of life to an unwanted dog or cat and experience the joy of loving companionship.

Spay & Neuter?It's the right thing to do. Fewer puppies and kittens means a better chance for best binary options in india shelter dogs and cats to find a home.

Love?Because love makes the world go 'round. And this kind has no strings attached, just pure, sweet love!